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Consumed by Porcelain

Gerber Daisy
Cyclical. Ideals direct actions...actions take over ideals. Blending, conforming, contributing but yet hindering.
Porcelain faces, beautiful, perfect, untainted.
Mirrored by imperfection only making the doll-like appear more heavenly. Only making the flawed seem much more broken. One porcelain face shining brightly against another porcelain face, dirty and tear-stained.
Influenced by these perceived deistic qualities, the tarnished one resorts to another kind of porcelain. A contrived prison, a mask covering the tendencies. Retching and slicing to feel nothing. Blood swirls with water down an overly familiar drain and scars unite with flesh. Converting pain into silence. Twisting words to fit cognition. To find peace within phrases that have been over thought and over analyzed. Never satisfaction. Never.
This is motivation. Fear. Thoughts do not cease. Striving for confirmation and reaffirmation. Until eternity ends. Since time began. In other lives, in dreams, in the nascence of being. In the womb, the cavern could not even be satisfied!
Love is a foreign word. It holds not a single tangible meaning. Other words of society do not measure up to the needs of the brain...unless a word of negation. These remain imprinted, forever etched into gray matter and replayed until the brain stem is detached. Positive words are not perceived as reality.
So porcelain masks and porcelain habits deflect the discourse of humanity and siphon phrases into manageable objects.
Memory is either suppressed or elicited...The lucky figurines do not retain information...but puppets contain sponges inside and must find release for what is absorbed.

To be continued...


Gerber Daisy

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