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Our country spoke out in cries and shouts for a change to come. People are poor and tired and want to take control of corruptive forces that currently run free.
Obama is day one of this change. I think it will take many years. It won't end while he is still in office. But he can plant the tiniest seed of a great reform.
To look at how far we've's inspiring.
A black woman and a white woman, each with two children, compare their family to the Obama family. They raise a generation of color-blindness. I want the world to do the same.
I know many plans will get shut down. People will criticize. This man is not a deity. He is but a man. A man who came from a broken home, a multi-racial home. And he knows what I know. What middle class/poor/struggling people know everywhere...that they can't get by without a hand up. That those people who complain about a little tax increase, even if those taxes are being spread to keep everyone at a level plane. They will never understand, until they lose their cushy corporate jobs.

Jeffersonian ideals need to come back into play. Modest living. Pastoral economy. Distribution of wealth. Who gives a shit if it is "socialism" if it can bring people together and keep even a few people from starving. Then we can focus our efforts on places like Darfur. Once our currency is not controlling us, once we control it...once we reform our transactions...we can share love throughout the world...then and only then will we be a great nation. Greatness is not having the most wealth. We do a shitty job of handling consumerism. It is having the strength to go beyond materialism and just simply love and come to the aid of our fellows.

This WILL be the downfall of humanity. We have a person in place who will not solve our crisis of material consumption...let's face it. Americans are stubborn assholes who measure themselves on possessions. But I know he has his mind set to at least try to be a positive beacon. To put the ideals out there...and maybe transcendental thought will bring about change.

I foresee the world ending in this era. I foresee Obama, a great man, being murdered by selfish hands. He will be as a martyr for the CHANGE and HOPE we need. Other people with his ideals should rise up.

Stand up against corruption. Fight against corporate greed. Revolt for your children, for you family. Just love one another and keep an open-mind. Be it good, bad, or great...something big is coming.


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