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Internal Forces.

Care is the realization that there is a connection between two people that differs from mere acquaintance. It is a means to notice that a person has become a constant thought in the life of another. It can be rationalized. The word is not dead, but not deep either.
But is the internal ability to emphasize with whoever the object of care may be. This is the emotion that backs an action towards a person. By feeling what another feels, an active role is taken to encourage happiness and progress for another human being, keeping them from harm or pain. It is because of the connection with the emotions and feelings of another that a person will do only what they would wish upon themselves.

Those who have pure compassion are truly blessed, but are also truly cursed. It is rare to feel so much of the emotions that are radiated from another person. But it also leads one to become a martyr. There will never be any relief or sense of purpose for oneself, because all actions are directly aimed towards everyone else's happiness. But not happiness for the self, even if it is wanted.

Integrity. This is something that comes from a person full of passion and intent. A decision is made, inside, and outwardly carried out. A person with integrity uses their compassion and will stick to a decision to not hurt someone else, regardless of other factors that may make them want to abandon the path they are on. It is a matter of ignoring impulse and whim and using the strength of will to continue acting on a rational decision. A person with integrity doesn't toy with the emotions of others to pander to self-gratification. An exception occurs only when the self-gratuitous person uses their integrity to never get involved emotionally with others. Here, others can be spared from hurt, because no one can ever get close enough to develop feelings.

A person who ignores integrity is never proactive about keeping ones they care for happy. They lack the ability to be compassionate and they act in a fit of passion or a desire for something without considering concern for who it might affect. Reactive strategies are then implemented later for damage control because even their care for another individual is impulsive and fleeting.
Care and compassion are not mutually exclusive within the empathetic, but they are for those with the inability to feel. Because in that sense, the word care is just that: a word. With nothing behind it.
Whim and integrity never coexist within one individual.
Lastly, free will encompasses all. Because while one can have the will to act impulsively, they can also have the will to change. Albeit a hard thing to do. Adversely a compassionate person can suddenly become dead. Change in one's inherent nature can only happen when something is cognitively triggered. Something pulls at a weakened heart-string or hardens an overly affective one. Someone flips the script.
But those who are only acting to be a certain way (whimsical, hardened, gratuitous, compassionate) will eventually learn that they are contradicting their-self. And their mind will begin to fight back.


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